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We provide services that ensure your financial inclusion.
With processes created with you in mind, we can help you navigate through your financial needs and proffer solutions that best suited to you.

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We are always at your service.
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3 minutes pre-approval

We know time is money and we don’t waste either.
It takes only 3 minutes
to get pre-approved for loans
with no effect on your credit-score.

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From start to finish,
you can complete the entire process online.

Easy file upload

Save time by e-signing all documents,
linking bank accounts
and securely uploading files.

Our Products


Our Products and Services we created with you in mind.


A digital banking platform with rewards. Allows you send and receive money, purchase airtime, pay for cable subscription e.t.c.

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GetriCheck helps you verify identities without the unnecessary hassle of legwork anywhere in the country.

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Lending Tree

Need access to loans that can actually make a difference in your life? Lending Tree is what you need.

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GetriSave is a target-saving platform that helps you build the discipline required to intentionally put money aside towards future purposes such as investments, asset purchase, school fees, vacation, e.t.c.

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Why to choose us?

We at PatrickGold MicroFinance Bank Limited are focused on delivering impeccable savings and loan services to our Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) clients. We have invested in cutting edge technology so we can provide a channel to ease you into the financial ecosystem; banking the unbanked and providing the support you need to thrive financially. Need more reasons to choose us? Here are a few:

We are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

We have a team of experts always on hand to assist and guide you on your financial journey.

Our loan services are hassle free with competitive rates.

We provide a variety of options for savings and investments.

We genuinely want you to achieve your financial goals

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